Our year in review

The Research in Practice annual review highlights our programme of work across 2020-21, presenting the work we do to support evidence-informed practice with our Partnership network and wider colleagues across the social care sector.

'It has been an extraordinary year for the public and voluntary sector and the country overall. As colleagues across child and family and adults’ services have had to adapt working practices and respond to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Research in Practice has sought to respond with agility to our Partners’ needs. Our aim has been to continue to provide high quality evidence-informed learning resources and opportunities, and we have undertaken a great deal of work to develop new and innovative ways of delivering online learning activities. We have been hugely impressed by our Partners’ continued passion for learning and their positive engagement with our virtual continuing professional development offer. Practitioners and managers alike have made excellent use of our online conferences, virtual Communities of Practice and our blended approach of live webinars with recorded material to ensure a balance of interactive discussion and time for reflection. Whilst everything around us has changed and continues to change, our goal of supporting evidence-informed practice remains the same. Bringing together research, practice wisdom and the expertise of children, adults and families, ensures our support to the sector is robust, relevant and responsive. At a time when the work of the sector has never been more crucial, it is a tremendous privilege to support colleagues across the country.' Dez Holmes – Director, Research in Practice.


The Research in Practice annual review highlights our work to support evidence-informed practice with our Partner network and wider colleagues across the social care sector from April 2020 – March 2021. Over the last year we have actively reflected on the changes to working practices and the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the children and young people, adults and families we work with.  

The review is organised into six key areas that detail our learning resourcesPartner network, online events, publications, sector work and more.