The social gradient in children's social care

View recent research evidence on the social gradient in children’s social care - understanding what it is and why it matters in our webinar.

Case Law and Legal Summaries

This month is a case regarding an unsuccessful appeal by a mother for permission to dispense with the requirement to give notice of the proceedings upon a father.

Human connections, digital connections and the future of relational practice

Join us at this year’s children & families Link Officers’ Annual Meeting to explore what we have learned from our experiences of digital practice and how we can combine successful elements of this with face-to-face approaches to enhance the vital relationship-based elements of our work.

Celebrate the achievements of your Link Officer

Does your Link Officer deserve an award for promoting evidence-informed practice across your organisation? We want you to submit nominations for our annual Link Officer Awards.

New programme of learning events

Now in its third year, the Tackling Child Exploitation Support Programme has launched a six-month programme of learning events to support child safeguarding partnerships.

Supporting evidence-informed practice with children and families