C&F PT Using Genograms In Practice Cover Image

Using genograms in practice: Practice Tool (2021)

Published: 18/02/2021

Author: Scott H


The aim of this resource is to assist practitioners in using genograms throughout their practice, of which uses include: exploring and understanding the full family network; a tool for direct work and assessment with children and families; encouraging curiosity and a strengths-based approach in understanding family behaviours; inform and support planning; support and understanding of a child in care’s identity and relationships.

Genograms can also be used within kinship assessments and at any stage of support for a family.

Professional Standards

PQS:KSS - Relationships and effective direct work | Child and family assessment | Analysis, decision-making, planning and review | Developing excellent practitioners | Purposeful and effective social work | Developing excellent practitioners | Support effective decision-making

PCF - Diversity and equality | Intervention and skills